The little Black Book of Style's secrets revealed! shhhh

In Nina Garcia's Little Black Book of Style, the "Project Runway" judge talks about the "bones" of your wardrobe. These are key wardrobe staples that will never go out of style and will always be chic!!


Here are the 10 key items every woman who should know better should have in her closet!!
trust me! you wont be able to survive without them...
through many trends and transformation, fashion is hard to keep up with but these items are ur safety net through every season and every short lived trend ;)

The crisp white shirt!!
Carolina Herrera always sports one!

The little Black dress!!
it is said that Coco chanel invented the little black dress, yet it hasnt really become famous till Audrey Hepburn was seen wearing a Givenchy LBD in the openning scene of Breakfast at Tiffanny's

Fake or Real, they are nonetheless timeless..

Trench Coats, first created by
Thomas Burberry for the British army officers in world war I.
But is now much more glamorous and versitile.

The Black heel!
every woman should own a Black heel, high or kitten heels!
(u cant go wrong with Louboutin ;))

THE Fabulous BAG!
get one that fits ur needs and lifestyle, wether u carry a lot or little
u dont have to spend a fortune on one! look into Coach ;)

The Diamond studs
a timeless and gorgeous accessory

Jeans! need i say more??
i think u guys already know the importance of that Blue Jean ;)

The Tweed Jacket

A statement of a watch!
Mine is deffinatly the Vintage Disney Rolex i cant seem to live without ;)

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