Fancy Buying some FAME!

All Images Courtesy NJAL (not just a label)

Buying clothes favored by celebrities, including Lady Gaga (left) and Alice Dellal

Here is a chance to visit some celebrity closets and guess what!! you can shop there as well!
Grabbing some styles from Lindsay Lohan to Lady Gaga's funky wardrobe!


If you want to be associated with French Vogue-style names, the site can offer you a Lara Stone-inspired leather bolero or crystal-embellished leggings made by a stylist who sells to the likes of Alice Dellal. And if mainstream chic is more your speed, you can try the prom dress and clutch that take their cues, respectively, from Taylor Swift and Paris Hilton. These offerings bump the vicarious nature of celebrity worship to a more meta level. Why settle for dressing up as your favorite star on Halloween when you can buy the designer shirt right off her back?

Note: i personally am not a celebrity maniac! but i know some people like the idea of owning something
one of their fashion icons or musicians owned!

But i still want MJ's gloves!! ;)
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