Dolly's Latest Fashion Fix

Want something Different?? Unique?? Exclusive?? Limited ?? Special ??
Handmade with love...

just for YOU?

I've personally always been a fan of her Unique sense of making "Ramadan's fashion" something you cant wait for anymore with her Thobes collection which are made annually for the wholy month, As for the rest of the year they are available exclusively per order. !!

Dalia Darwish is one to never keep us waiting for too long
and one who never ceases to amaze us!

And here is her Latest Fashion Fix!

( for children & adults ) Handmade necklace

With the new Disney animation "Princess and the Frog" making its way to our hearts
Dolly has found a way to make it stay closer to our hearts :))
*she did not design it for the cartoon, but i thought it was soo appropriate and im getting my little cousins some

Her Collection is now Available at Sa*use Boutique in Dubai
and at Botton's shop at ( Ana Ghair Mall )

Sor special orders you may contact us on and we will do our best to get you that Dolly Fashion Fix!
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