Spice Girls Geri Halliwell's DIY dress fails to impress

If they all made it as the "Spice Girls", this doesn't mean all will make it in fashion like Victoria Beckham did...

When many heard that Geri Halliwell was designing a line for Next, we feared for the future of fashion. When we saw the results (Union Jack sequin mini-dress anyone?), it was even worse than we could have imagined. Still, it seems Geri may not be done with the fashion world yet.

During the photocall to launch Viva Forever, the long-awaited Spice Girls musical, Geri revealed to the press that she had made her outfit herself, with help from Emma Bunton with the hem.

Geri it seems is stuck in a time-warp where it's perpetually the 1997 Brit Awards. In case there's anyone out there who hasn't heard the story a 1000 times, Geri famously designed her Union Jack mini-dress (yes, like the one she recently designed for Next), herself the night before the awards, and got her sister Karen to stitch a tea towel onto the front of the dress she was originally supposed to wear. If we're playing Sesame Street, the word of the day would be "FAILURE".

The Spice Girls line up at the press conference for Viva Forever!, the new Spice Girls musical. Photo: PA

In the intervening years however, the other four have grown up and moved on: Baby, who came dressed as Kate Middleton's engagement portrait, has her radio show; Scary, wearing Lanvin (let down by tattoo) is big in Australia where she is a judge on Dancing With The Stars and the X Factor when she's not mingling in Hollywood and recording a new album; Sporty, wearing a spot-on (excuse the pun) Acne dress, is a top West End star; and Posh, in one of her own designs and Tom Ford boots, is an award-winning fashion designer.

On a second note, when on earth is Posh planning to change her pause? Perhaps to include a tiny little *SMILE: :)
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Eva Longoria's Image Destroyed

Eva Longoria gets Photo 'chopped' beyond all recognition on the cover of Italian Amica magazine. And this is what FG10 would like to call as "Photoshop Butchery"!!

Eva Longoria's butchered pic on AMICA. Photo: Mark Liddell
Remember Eva Longoria, the petite brunette from Desperate Housewives ? No? Well, she's been in loads of other things like, er, gosh, oh, you know… Still not ringing any bells? Well don't bother looking at the July issue of Italian Amica magazine, because whoever that South Pacific beach belle is staring out from the cover is, she looks absolutely nothing like Longoria.

Which is odd because the cover line - which incidentally appears to be parping out of the 'talent's' bottom - says 'Eva Longoria'. 
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WE ARE LOVING Dsquared² Resort 2013

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FG10 lusts over Roberto Cavalli Resort 2013

Roberto Cavali is no stranger to exotic prints... 
but with his latest Resort 2013 collection, he just gave us a new meaning to EXOTIC! 

FG10 is in LOVE!
Notice the stunning Swan Necklaces that just add that perfect finish!

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Allison Harvard takes on some LAdyFozaza

Today was not like any other day..

It started at ValleyDez, featuring elites of fashion, modeling and photography. 
Lady Fozaza did not only pop up for a 'sneak peek', but also rested so exquisitely on the shoulders of the world acclaimed  "America's Next Top Model" Allison Harvard.
For those of you who arent familiar....

Allison Elizabeth Harvard (born January 8, 1988) is an American fashion model and internet celebrity. She is best known as the runner-up of the twelfth cycle of America's Next Top Model and the runner-up of America's Next Top Model: All-Stars. She is also known as the internet sensation "Creepy Chan."

It was just another day that marked a distinguished honor on the calendar of Lady Fozaza fashion. 
The energy amid the great minds that all joined together was beyond words. 
Each was perfecting his/her role. Mazen Abousrour was passionately tangling with his camera, getting ready to snap the angles that would make your eyes sway the second you see them. 
Allison was all up for it, looking as dazzling and stunning as ever, ready to put on the show and carry the best of fashion on her flawless body. 
Lady Fozaza blazers selected for the photoshoot were those of 
the upcoming Autumn/Winter 2012-13 collection.

Twitter and instagram witnessed a revolution the second a tweet was released showing Allison Harvard wearing the LadyFozaza's "Rain Forest" and "butterfly blush" with the NEW fabulous detachable collars by one of our favorite local brads PALESTYLE

The Palestyle collars 

Here is a look Behind the scenes of the shoot...

Allison trying on the LAdyFozaza "Butterfly Blush" 

Allison looking radiant in the LadyFozaza "Rain Forest" 

Photographer Mazen Abousrour adding his touch in the background

A Bouquet of fashion with "From left to right" 
Designer Alanoud Badr of LAdyFozaza wearing one of her upcoming collections
a Furr Vest named "Queen Kong" , Allison Harvard, 
Ahmad of PALESTYLE and one of our favorite local blogger Nadya Hassan


Stay tuned and follow LAdyFozaza on twitter for intant updates!

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YSL to change its Name, dropping the 'Yves'

Yves Saint Laurent's new creative director Hedi Slimane will rebrand the iconic fashion house as Saint Laurent Paris.

Yves Saint Laurent will drop the 'Yves' from their name, the brand has confirmed.

Newly-appointed creative director Hedi Slimane is keen to "thrust Saint Laurent into a new era modern", reports WWD , and thinks removing the founder of the brand's first name from the famous moniker is the way forward.

The house will be rebranded Saint Laurent Paris, although the iconic YSL logo will remain the same. The move is not be an entirely new one, the majority of the major fashion houses go by a singular surname - Versace, Gucci, Chanel, Prada.

When appointed, Slimane - the former creative director of Dior Homme - was given "total creative responsibility for the brand image and all its collections" and is said to be focusing on "recapturing the impulses that inspired the founder to launch the Saint Laurent Rive Gauche ready-to-wear line in 1966 - among them youth, freedom and modernity."

Slimane, who is also working on a new store concept for the brand, will show his debut womenswear collection during Paris Fashion Week this September, and the new branding is reportedly set to be unveiled shortly beforehand.

As yet, Yves Saint Laurent have not released an official statement regarding the change, while Pierre Berge, Saint Lauren't lover and business partner of 50 years, is yet to comment.

Despite the change we think it's unlikely that fashion's most famous acronym will ever disappear.
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Chanel shoes that might just ‘DESTROY’ your Feet

Beautiful? Check. Blood-inducing? Check. As desirable as they look, Chanel's newest shoes caused even the most experienced of models' feet to bleed. Yep!

The offending choes from the Chanel Cruise 2013 show, which go on sale in November

The decadent Cruise 2012 show which Chanel staged in the gardens of the Chateau de Versailles last month looked like the ultimate fashion fairytale. With elegant gazebos for guests and fountains splashing water as the models strutted past on the crunchy gravel in near-like couture creations, what was not to love? The shoes apparently!!

Model Meghan Collison, pictured below, has revealed that the plastic-and-leather heels she modelled "destroyed" the back of her feet. "I was bleeding afterward" she told WWD.

Brave face: Meghan Collison in the Chanel show at Versailles in France. Photo: Getty

The Canadian clotheshorse is no newbie to the catwalk scene. She might only be 22, but is described as a 'seasoned vet' and has walked for the likes of Miu Miu, Yves Saint Laurent and Lanvin since starting out five years ago.

She continued: "Hard plastic with no socks on? Not fun! Especially because we had rehearsal three times. I walked around for the next week with the backs of my moccasins folded down to let them heal!"

Still tempted? The styles will be available from Chanel stores in November.
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Unbelievable!!!! Could that be Karl Lagerfeld??!!

Is this super-designer Karl Lagerfeld sailing the Baltic Sea on a less-than-luxurious fishing boat?

These photographs show Karl Lagerfeld in his usual monochrome get-up aboard a rather rickety fishing boat, sailing the Baltic Sea. 

What do you think??!! This is confusing!!
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Christian Louboutin Breaks Records

London's Design Museum is enjoying record-breaking crowds thanks to Christian Louboutin's exhibition.

Since opening on May 1, the Christian Louboutin exhibition has pulled in over 38,000 visitors - an average of 910 visitors daily and the highest ever for the Design Museum.

Situated on the South Bank of the River Thames, the retrospective (the designer's first) celebrates 20 years of iconic, red-soled Christian Louboutin shoes and design inspiration, and features a three-dimensional holographic version of Dita Von Teese as the centrepiece.

Donna Loveday, the exhibition's curator, said she was "thrilled" by the response. She added: "With their instantly recognisable glossy red soles, Christian Louboutin's shoes have become such an important part of the fashion landscape."

Mr Louboutin said: "It's been a real pleasure to see a lot of my 'babies' featured all together for the first time. It's not only an entire collection of shoes that I saw there but for me a huge collection of souvenirs, precious moments, and very rarely sorrows."
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Jane Fonda teaches You How to Look Young

Septuagenarian style-setter, Jane Fonda, does rock'n'roll with extreme elegance. So ladies, if you're worried about age, we guess you'd better worry about your wardrobe ;)

The 74 year old rocked the red carpet last night at the Los Angeles premiere of Aaron Sorkin's new TV show, The Newsroom , in a look that managed to be wild and extrovert but also devastatingly chic and actually, in the end, quite sensible.

A bronze leather biker jacket is something that any woman, whatever her age, might be a little wary of, but as Fonda demonstrated at Cannes last month in a sequinned evening gown by Atelier Versace, bronze is her colour - it works with her hair and is more flattering to the complexion than bright gold.

The jacket actually does all the work, although the beautifully cut, off-white trousers and cream satin v-neck T-shirt have a luxuriousness of their own which altogether make a sumptuous combination. Fonda's accessories all pick up the star color and the wide belt is flattering, drawing attention to a slim waist. And guess what, she's in flat sandals!! The result is relaxed and, unusually for these kind of occasions, comfortable. What's not to like? 
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WIN 7000 AED with Lady Fozaza & Become a Designer TODAY!!

Because every great empire was once a sketch on a piece of paper, Lady Fozaza's designer Alanoud Badr believes that every idea, dream and thought if given the opportunity to grow and nurture, it shall see light and grow.

From that perspective, we have decided to give you the opportunity to explore your talent and provide you with the floor to make your fashion dreams a reality.

Steps to enter the competition:

1. LIKE us on Facebook http://facebook.com/LadyFozaza

2. Post on the wall anything you feel like saying.

3. Follow us on Twitter @Fozaza

4. Change your Twitter AVATAR to the image below.

5. Tweet anything you feel like saying, while you include: #MyFozazaDream

5. Sketch your OWN Blazer and style it.

The competition will run over a period of ONE MONTH effective July 01, 2012. Deadline for submissions is August 1. to LadyFozazaPR@gmail.com
The winner will be announced on AUGUST 08, 2012.


1. A 7000 AED shopping voucher from Bloomingdale's

2. Designer Alanoud Badr will actually produce the blazer he/she sketched, name it after the winner and release it within her collection. (Release will depend on specifications so it matches the season).


1. This is your chance to explore your fashion skills, so let the sky be your limit.

2. Not everything you draw could be executed, so be reasonable.

3. To be fair, each contestant should submit ONE design only.

4. Deadline for submissions is August 1.


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First look at Topshop's Autumn/Winter 2012 collection

FG10 takes you on a quick tour for a preview of what's in store from high street favourite Topshop this autumn. Get your shopping list ready ;-)

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