H&M Perfect Prints spring/summer 2012 collection!

Summer is just knocking on our doors, earlier in some places than others but we all cant get enough of the sun and with it some light fashion!

Nothing says it better than some Special T-shirts to complete the look!


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Designer to WATCH: Sarah Baadarani A/W 2012 Lookbook

Sarah Baadarani is a new Luxury womenswear label, founded in 2012. 
The label's signature is to create a modern classicism, which in turn is distinctive and timeless.
The essence is sensual, feminine and powerfully elegant.
At the heart of the label, lie wearable pieces with an effortless and personal feel.
The play between hard and soft elements combined in each piece creates a unique and fresh balance.
A sense of controlled drapery, gives fluidity a new strength. 

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April 2012's Hottest Magazine covers!

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PRINT MANIA: ur shopping guide to the perfect prints!

its no surprise that the prints have been taking over the fashion world in a crazy way! and while prints are hard to wear this trend makes it all easy when you are allowed to mix prints together creating a  gorgeous harmony of color, patterns and fabric... 

Lets get inspired with these looks you might wana look out for while shopping!
Start stocking for one HOT summer of fashion prints from Floral to tribal!



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HOT COVER: Jessica Simpson's Elle Cover (April 2012)

I find pregnant women in general beautiful! there is a certain glow about them that 
no one can really explain well ok having a baby can make u glow ;)

Among many celebs who have posed pregnant, Jessica is the latest to show off her baby bump 
to the world and looks picture perfect!

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HOT Editorial: its time to be a little Princess~

Lately and especially around The Paris Fashion week and London Fashion week we have seen some CHUNKY if not FUNKY accessories walking the streets, the Bigger the better and the Blingier the hotter! 
This editorial is something to inspire you so watch out for that BLING! ur gona need it this coming S/S 2012

 Please Magazine S/S 2012
Model Anne Sophie Monrad
Shot by Nagi Sakai
Styled by Karina Givargisoff

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Breaking news: Diet Coke by Jean Paul GAULTIER

Now this is going to be interesting!!! 

Jean Paul Gaultier Named New Creative Director of Diet Coke!

Cant wait to see what he's gona do....

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HOT collaboration: COACH x Hugo Guiness SS 2012

Coach’s collaboration with Hugo Guinness, who has developed a limited edition collection of illustrated men’s bags and accessories, each one a celebration of sincerity holds a whimsy and artistry feel that FG10 cant help but admire.

Guinness is a London-born, New York-based artist and illustrator, known for his illustrations in the New York Times and his depictions of everyday items or phrases in a humorous and simple way.

in FG10's opinion seems like a VERY good excuse to shop for your man!

Check out more HERE! 

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