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"a fashion student in London, that's style could be classified as eclectic and completely loves the excitement of the ever changing fashion industry...Welcome to my world."

Some of you i have no doubt have already heard of the RISING Dubai based fashionista, who is now in London College of Fashion , and if not then you have for sure heard about her Fashion Diary!! A Fabulous Blog she started 2 months ago.. giving us followers the first look into her fashion adventures and believe me they never STOP!

From her personal style to personal taste and Fabulous friends its always a treat visiting her world through her fashion diary.....

 One post at a time!!

Tala with Louboutin

Taken from her Blog

We thought you'd wana know more about who's behind this Blog!

Interview with Tala

FG10: What is fashion to you in one word?
Tala Elle: everchanging

FG10: What made you start your blog?
Tala Elle: I've been wanting to start one for a while, and just got my head round it a few months ago. I loved the idea of sharing my love for fashion with the world.

FG10: What is the one item you cant live without?
Tala Elle: my blackberry

FG10: What is ur current obsession?
Tala Elle: my leather biker jacket. it goes with everything from casual outfits to gowns!

FG10: What is the aim of your blog?
Tala Elle: I'm just aiming to have a blog people would like to read every day for their fashion fix.

FG10: who are you trying to reach with this blog?
Tala Elle: people who love fashion as much i do- doesn't matter if their man, woman, old, young.

FG10:Where has your love of fashion come from?
Tala Elle: I've been exposed to fashion since I was little and now study at a fashion school.

FG10: Who is your fashion icon?
Tala Elle: Marianne faithful

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