FG10 UAE 40th special: Emarati Designer Lamya Abedin Showcases 40-meter-long Abaya on Burj Al Arab Helipad

 To mark the UAE’s 40th National Day celebrations, 

the helipad of Burj Al Arab was the site that saw Emarati designer Lamya Abedin, one of FG10's Favorites! 
showcase a 40-meter-long abaya made exclusively from 40 UAE flags.
The abaya, which took months to sew and is one of the longest abayas ever made, was worn by the designer herself and displayed from Burj Al Arab’s helipad, rising 280 meters above sea level. 

The event was photographed by Nabila Abbas, one of the region’s leading photographic talent, onboard a helicopter provided by SkyDive Dubai, the UAE’s state-of-the-art sky dive centre, who also provided the logistical support for the event.

Abedin said: “The UAE has left its mark on the world map and has set examples for others to follow with its cosmopolitan, multicultural society where all races, nationalities, and religions live in peace and harmony. This year, we all celebrate 40 years since the start of our nation and this is our way of taking part in marking this momentous occasion.” 

Copyright © 2011 Nabila Abbas

Copyright © 2011 Nabila Abbas

Copyright © 2011 Nabila Abbas

<3<3 WELL DONE LAMYA <3<3 

myself "LadyFozaza" wearing a Queen of Spades creation by Lamya Abedin
 and the FAbulous Designer herself

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Did you know 'Garden Party' has arrived @home?

since the weather now a days is cooling off with a sexy twist!
you cant help but find yourself chilling outdoors!
bring out the BBQ and the Let the Garden parties Begin!!!

i've fallen in LOVE with @home and cant believe its finally HERE!


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IN THE PRESS: LadyFozaza on the Cover of Arab News

Thank you Rima AlMukhtar and the Arab News Team for a Fabulous
Cover and Article. 
Hope you guys enjoy the story.... 


check out MORE from LAdy Fozaza HERE! 

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Celebrate The New Years with the Kardashians & Glamour Magazine!

LOVE LOVE the fresh look they have on!
makeup is to the minimum, proof that less is more at times ;) 

The issue is set to hit newsstands December 6, 
but until then can check it out on Glamour.com, or you can check out the rest of the pics at Glamour’s Facebook page for a sneak preview of the shoot.

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HOT EDITORIAL: VOGUE ZOOM Spain October 11 with Tara Gill

told ya!! snake skin prints are taking over this winter.. 

Model: TARA GILL @ IMG Paris
Make up artist: FRANK GARRET

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MY PICK from MANGO's FAbulous winter jackets!

images belongs to FashionGossip10 

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Who said High street shoes cant DANCE!

MANGO will have you dancing all NEW YEARS in their heels!
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Party this Holiday season with UTERQÜE

UTERQÜE 's GORGEOUS jewel tones

has me looking forward to a gorgeous winter Holiday... 


Styling: In House
Make up artist & Hair Stylist: SONIA PEÑA
Shoot on RED EPIC® cam

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HOT ISSUE: Grazia Middle East's BIG B-day issue

Its Grazia ME's Biggest issue ever!!
Celebrating two great events! Their 6th B-day & the UAE's 40th National Day!
with some FABULOUS Fashion news!


****** HAPPPY 6th GRAZIA ******

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FG10's christmas Gift list with Net-a-porter


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Happy 40th National day U.A.E from F&G

It is a tremendous pleasure to wish you 
a Happy 40th National Day!

Forrey and Galland would like to celebrate that special day with an exclusive and delicious National Day treats, which are perfect for sharing with friends, family and colleagues. and i honestly fell in love with the display and colors.. 
i have to also say that it tastes as good as it looks...
now wouldn't you want a display like that in your living room or office lounge?

To order your very own CLICK HERE! 

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FG10 EXCLUSIVE: Canvas by Dolly

They say a picture is worth a thousand words... but a canvas by Dolly is worth a lifetime of memories so close to reality you can almost see it play back!

I have introduced the Fabulous Designer Dolly by Dalia Darwish in a previous post
with her FAbulous Ramadan fashion 

well now i have the pleasure of introducing you to a fabulous new concept she has made her own
Allowing each picture to stand out in ways you never thought possible...
in her attention to Details, Dalia allows each piece to tell its story!
by adding anything from fabrics, to beads to pearls to flowers ...
from Bridal, B-days, honeymoons, self portraits, Pets to Celebrity icons
and identities.

its creativity at its finest and the PERFECT Gift for your LOVED ones
on any given occasion...

The Veil is added on to create Drama as well as the Gorgeous necklace

Necklace added to the Canvas for some GORGEOUS effect!
 Lights were added to the dress to create a FAB GLAM effect

Attention to Details is incredible downt to the Mishlah



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Get ready for H&M's latest collaboration with MARNI!

March 8, get ready to welcome …

We might still not be over the Versace for H&M Fashion frenzy that landed among us few weeks back.
while not all the collection was worth the buy, few key pieces stood out!
and arent you the lucky ones who bough them ;)
well now! make your way for something totally different in style
and harmony.
MARNI is making its way to all your closets with an affordable range
in collaboration with the GENIUS H&M..

are you guys READY???? 

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fg10's christmas Gift list with Chanel

this is going straight to my WISH LIST! 
and for all you men who are stuck with a SUPER fashionista 
then this GIFT will get you places..

Presented in the label's signature quilted leather and adorned with the famous double 'C', 
François Baudot and François Aveline's 'Chanel Luxe' trilogy is the ultimate collector's item for lovers of the iconic French fashion house. With three books exploring Fine Jewelry, Perfume and Coco herself,
 these wonderful volumes are a testament to the incomparable achievements and history of the brand.


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MAC has gone GOTH with its latest collaboration
with Gareth Pugh!
ive been looking fwd to this for a while!
the Color Palette is PERFECT for winter and spot on TREND!
the packaging is SEXY and slick!
 a bit of ROCK diva!

MAC Cosmetics is known for its high-fashion makeup, and Gareth Pugh is known for his avant-garde designs, so it just makes sense that the two would combine for a truly high-fashion MIX
"When creating my makeup collection with MAC I wanted it to be unexpected — creating something truly beautiful, very sophisticated, and incredibly chic but of course — with an underlying edge of darkness and attitude," Pugh said in a statement.

If you’re in North America, you can get the collection starting November 23, 
and internationally in December. 

Prices range from $15 for mascara to $75 for the makeup bag. 
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