Stella McCartney launches Little Miss Stella childrenswear

Stella McCartney designs a capsule childrenswear featuring 'Little Miss Stella', the Little Miss character inspired by her.

Arlo T-shirt, £30, from Stella McCartney's Little Miss Stella line launching in August

A couple of years ago, Stella McCartney collaborated with the people behind the Mr Men and Little Miss series to design a new character. The result was the dead adorable Little Miss Stella (inspired by McCartney, naturally), who appeared on the invitations - a proper Little Miss book - to her spring/summer 2007 catwalk show. 

Little Miss Stella - isn't she cute?

In terms of literary greatness, perhaps the story - Little Miss Stella meets Little Miss Nobody, otherwise known as Billy No Mates because she's wearing last season's shoes or something, designs an amazing suit for her and turns her into a somebody - doesn't quite rival War and Peace 's, but, then again, War and Peace doesn't have a character whose skin tone is a fetching shade of blue. You win some, you lose some.

Felt tips from the Little Miss Stella line

Little Miss Stella is the inspiration for McCartney's new seven-piece Kids' capsule collection, and appears on everything from babygros, jumpers and T-shirts, to bags and felt-tips. 

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Gucci wins trademark case against Guccio Gucci

What's in a name? A lot of legal bother if it happens to be Gucci.

The Gucci logo. The double interlocking G's do not stand for Guccio Gucci... Photo: REX

We love it when a family finds a name they like and sticks to it, like George Foreman who named his five sons George (George Jr., George III, George IV, George V and George VI), and Jermaine Jackson who named three of his eight offspring Jermaine, Jaimy, and Jermajesty.

Sadly, however, such family pride doesn't always lead to happy endings.

Yesterday in Florence, a judge ruled against Guccio Gucci and his brother Alessandro Gucci, the great-grandsons of Gucci founder, Guccio Gucci in an intellectual property case brought by the Gucci Group.

WWD report that Guccio and Alessandro's handbag and accessories firm ToBeG Srl has been found guilty of infringement of Gucci's trademarks "illegitimately" using the names "Gucci" and "Guccio Gucci" for its marketing communications and website activities.

The judge ruled that the use of the name 'Guccio Gucci' "determined an unfair association" between ToBeG's products and Gucci's trademarks, and said that its behaviour "constitutes an act of unfair competition to Gucci's detriment because the advertising materials of the defendant caused confusion with Gucci's products and business activities and took unfair advantage of the qualities and reputation of Gucci's products".

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Sales of Katie Holmes' fashion label boosted by divorce

Sales of Holmes & Yang, the fashion label run by Katie Holmes, are reported to have risen stateside since the actress announced her divorce from Tom Cruise.

As they say, no publicity is bad publicity, and Katie Holmes is the latest proof of that.

Sales of her Holmes & Yang fashion line have reportedly soared since she announced her high-profile separation from Hollywood husband Tom Cruise at the end of last month.

According to a clerk from the Beverly Hills branch of US department store Barney's, the brand has been "selling particularly well", reports Fox News . The New York branch has similarly confirmed that sales are up, although no exact figures have been given.

News of the sales boost comes two weeks after it was announced that Holmes & Yang are preparing to show their spring/summer 2013 collection at New York Fashion Week for the first time this September.

The former Dawson's Creek actress has been spotted wearing pieces from the label - which is designed in collaboration with stylist Jeanne Yang - a number of times since the split, including for a much-hyped appearance on Project Runway.

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First look at Yves Saint Laurent rebranding

The first pictures have surfaced of Yves Saint Laurent's controversial rebranding following a name change to Saint Laurent Paris.

A photo of Yves Saint Laurent's rebranding, taken by LOVE magazine's Katie Grand. Photo: Katie Grand/Twitter

It caused quite a stir when newly-appointed creative director Hedi Slimane announced that YSL would be undergoing a name change - from Yves Saint Laurent to Saint Laurent Paris - and now we can finally see how his reimagination measures up.

The first images have surfaced of the fashion house's rebranding, courtesy of LOVE editor Katie Grand, who took to her Twitter page to share the photo. The Instagram picture shows the new 'Saint Laurent' typography, which currently adorns the construction boards surrounding the brand's soon-to-open Mercer Street, New York store. Unfortunately, according the New York Magazine , the new branding has since been covered up by posters, thanks to T-shirt brand Rocksmith (who clearly know a good advertising opportunity when they see one).

Another picture featuring a black product box with the new branding on it has also appeared in the latest issue of Vogue Paris , showing 'Saint Laurent' with Paris written in smaller type beneath, surrounded by a thick black frame.

The image that appears in the August issue of Vogue Paris. Photo: Vogue Paris 

When the name change was announced in June the brand confirmed that they will continue to use the iconic overlapping YSL logo, which was designed by Cassandre in 1963, and that the rebranding will only apply to ready-to-wear, with the house's official moniker remaining as Yves Saint Laurent.

Slimane showed his first collection for the house, Resort 2013, to select buyers earlier this month, but the world will get to see his spring/summer 2013 collection during Paris Fashion Week this September.

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Golden Eating Rules to Follow this Ramadan

Diet during Ramadan should not differ much from a normal healthy, balanced diet and should be as simple as possible. Usually, most health problems at this time are likely to arise from inappropriate diet or as a consequence of over-eating and insufficient sleep.

There is no need to consume excess food at iftar (the food eaten in the period immediately after sunset to break the fast), dinner, or suhur (the light meal generally eaten about half an hour to one hour before dawn).  The reasons are, of course, firstly it contradicts the spirit of Ramadan …over-eating can be seen as a reflection of weak discipline and irresponsibility. Secondly the metabolic rate of the body is reduced and also people assume a more sedentary lifestyle while fasting. The net result is that a balanced diet, which consists less than the normal amount of food intake, is sufficient to keep a person healthy and active during the month of Ramadan.

Medical problems like constipation, muscle cramps, peptic ulcer, heart burn, gastritis, kidney stones are all a result of too much fried and fatty foods, too much refined foods, too little water and not enough fiber in the diet.


Be aware … there are more “traps” during Ramadan than any other month.

For many it helps to keep a food diary for a reality check. For those who think they are eating less, the food diary helps them to find out otherwise when they write things down.

Ramadan is often the time when women like to display and share their cooking abilities.  The best way is to eat the right proportions from the various food groups to ensure good health. Think of vegetables as the main food. Treat meat, milk and grains as condiments. Start thinking of carrot sticks with hummus instead of pita bread. Don’t give up eating breads and meat, just de-emphasize them.


You should not ignore your water consumption. It seems obvious but drink lots of water between Iftar and sleep, to avoid dehydration. Drinking too much tea will increase urine output and inevitably cause the loss of valuable mineral salts. Avoid caffeinated drinks such as coke, coffee or tea four to five days before Ramadan, gradually reduce the intake of these drinks since a sudden decrease will result in headaches, mood swings and irritability.

Smoking is a health risk factor. If you cannot give up smoking, cut down gradually starting a few weeks before Ramadan. Smoking negatively affects the utilization of various vitamins in the body.

Discontinuing exercise is not necessary for most people. You need to have a good twenty to thirty minutes of non-stop brisk walking. Keep in mind that you should not overwork and that moderate exercise will be just right.


Your meal plan should include:
Bread/ Cereal/ Rice, Pasta Group – 6-11 servings/ day
Meat/ Beans/ Nuts Group – 2-3 servings/ day
Milk & milk products – 2-3 servings/ day
Vegetable Group – 3-5 servings/ day
Fruit Group – 2-4 servings/ day
Added sugar & fat – use sparingly.

2-3 dates, a serving (4 oz) of unsweetened juice, a cup of light vegetable soup with some pasta or Graham crackers.

The body’s immediate need at the time of iftar is to get an easily available energy source in the form of glucose. Dates and juices in the above amounts are sufficient to bring low blood glcose levels to normal levels. The juice and soup also helps to maintain water and mineral balance in the body. An unbalanced diet and too many servings of sherbets and sweets with added sugars have been found to be unhealthy.
Dinner: Consume foods from all the food groups. Include salads, chicken or fish or lean meat, some grain as rice or bread or pasta, a small tub of low-fat yogurt, and a serving of fruit.

Try out good healthy choices such as:

Whole-meal bread roll without butter (choose herbs instead), filled with egg and tomato, chicken and salads, low fat cheese and salad, or tuna with cucumber and tomato
Whole meal pasta with tomato based sauce with a large salad
Salad with grilled / baked fish or chicken or lean meat along with a small portion of rice or wholemeal bread.
Baked potato with tuna or low-fat cottage cheese.

Pre-dawn Meal (Suhur)

Consume a light suhur. Eat whole wheat or oat cereal or whole wheat bread. Have a salad along with 1-2 servings of fruit. In view of the long hours of fasting, the so-called “complex carbohydrates” or slow digesting foods should be consumed at suhur, resulting in less hunger during the day. These complex carbohydrates are found in foods that contain grains and seeds like barley, wheat, oats, millet, semolina, beans, lentils, whole meal flour and unpolished rice.

Golden rules to follow during Ramadan

Avoid too much fat / sugar / salts and caffeine.
Always have fresh food available
Stick to a low-fat diet. Cut out fried foods.
Choose fresh fruits and vegetables when possible.
Don’t worry if you are tempted by rich desserts which can’t be avoided during this month. Just try to eat them in moderation.

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Meet Lanvin's 82-year-old Campaign Star

French fashion house Lanvin has decided to use 'real people' for their autumn/winter 2012 campaign, making a star out of octogenarian dancer Jacquie "Tajah" Murdock.

Jacquie “Tajah” Murdock in Lanvin's autumn/winter 2012 campaign. Photo: Steven Meisel

Lanvin creative director Alber Elbaz has decided to cast 'real people' as opposed to models for the French luxury label's autumn/winter 2012 campaign.

So far only two images from the campaign, which was shot by Steven Meisel, have surfaced, one showing a young lilac-fringed woman in a black and white dress and another featuring 82-year-old Jacquie "Tajah" Murdock.
"I was interested to bring these clothes back to the street somehow, and seeing how they look on different ages, different sizes," Elbaz told WWD of the campaign. "It felt like a crazy family, and I like that."
The campaign was develeoped under the creative direction of House + Holme, the creative agency run by Ronnie Newhouse and Stephen Wolstenholme, with make-up by the legendary Pat McGrath, hair by Guido Palau and set design by Mary Howard.

Since the images were released a day or so ago, Murdock has become something of an internet sensation. Although Lanvin haven't publicly named any of their new stars in the campaign images, the octogenarian was already a vaguely familiar face thanks to her appearance in Ari Cohen's OAP-focused street style book, Advanced Style , but we had no idea of just how fascinating she was.

Tajah's full campaign image. Photo: Steven Meisel tracked her down to ask her all about her life and it turns out there's more to her than just enviable bone structure. She's an active dancer who performed at New York's legendary Apollo Theatre in her youth (Tajah is her dancer name), she has three, yes three, degrees from New York University - and she gets stopped in the street all the time by people wanting to take her picture thanks to her unique style.

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Alexander McQueen launches the Heroine handbag

Meet the Heroine, Alexander McQueen's new 'It Bag' which goes on sale today. Warning: may be addictive.

Zoe Saldana and her black leather medium-sized Heroine handbag. Photo: Getty

We love it when a new hero bag comes to market so we have something fresh to drool over, pine for and covet. The latest object of our affection comes courtesy of those accessory maestros at Alexander McQueen, who today launch their new baby, the 'Heroine' (see what they did there?).

The Heroine in black croc, 127,892 AED. PHOTO: Dan Tobin Smith

Described by McQueen as a "timeless luxury piece" the Heroine is the luxe love child of the satchel and the doctor's bag, with a teardrop profile and short, tote-style handles.

It comes in a small, rectangular shape, and a medium square form (already spotted swinging on Zoe Saldana's arm), and is basically a total beauty.

To mark the launch, and McQueen's increased focus on accessories, the Heroine is starring in its very own campaign shot by renowned still life photographer Dan Tobin Smith in which she sits in all her black croc amazingness spot lit on a crisp white graphic backdrop.

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Christian Louboutin to open London men's store

Red-soled shoe brand Christian Louboutin will open its first UK shop to stock only men's footwear and accessories in London this November.

Christian Louboutin will open its first London men's boutique this November, the company has confirmed.

The store will be situated on Mayfair's Dover Street, a short distance from the brand's women's boutique on Mount Street, W1. It will stock the largest selection of Louboutin men's shoes and bags in the U.K.

The space will be designed by New York-based architects 212Box, the same company behind Louboutin's New York men's store, which is set to open in the city's Meatpacking District in August.

Louboutin opened their first men's boutique in Paris last September.

His men's designs are favoured by the likes of Kanye West and Tinie Tempah, both of whom have been seen wearing the spiked 'Rollerball' loafers.
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The Kate Moss Book is coming

Supermodel Kate Moss is the subject of a new tome that will be published in November, and which is edited by her former partner Jefferson Hack.

The cover of 'Kate: The Kate Moss Book' Photo: Rizzoli

Sadly, the book we're talking about isn't a tell-all autobiography penned by Moss herself; instead, it's a coffee table tome dedicated to her incredible body of work over the last 20 years.

The Kate Moss Book has been edited by Moss' former flame, father of her daughter Lila and editor of Dazed and Confused , Jefferson Hack, and close friend and casting director, Jess Hallett.

Moss has had a hand in the creation of the volume too, personally selecting the images she wanted to be included in order to create a publication that "spans the entirety of her unparalleled career, from model to fashion designer, and muse to icon."

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Meet the man behind Madonna's tour outfits

Big leaguers Beyoncé, Anna Dello Russo and Madonna have all been spotted in creations by Fausto Puglisi - but who is he?

Fausto Puglisi

It wouldn't be a Madonna tour without the outlandish outfits - Jean Paul Gaultier's conical-bra corsets, Dolce & Gabbana's rhinestone confections and Givenchy's S&M-ish leather have been some of her most memorable in the past. For her MDNA tour, which stopped off in London last night, they come courtesy of Gaultier again, who has revamped his famous piece from 1990's Blond Ambition tour - and one Fausto Puglisi, whose menacing bullet chains, fur coats and ram masks for her backing dancers are pitch-perfect.

Never heard of him? Neither had we, but alongside Madonna, big leaguers like Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Anna Dello Russo, whom Puglisi credits for his ascent, are already acquainted with his flamboyant creations - impressive for someone who's had no formal design training (he studied Greek and Latin literature) and started his label two years ago. His line, inspired by the "power, sex and decadence of the Roman empire", is stocked in Spiga2, Dolce & Gabbana's Milan concept store. The 36-year-old Sicilian has also consulted for Versace, the label his work is often compared to, and worked with David LaChapelle. In short, the man is going places - we accost him for his musings.

On dressing Madonna 
"It's all about the incredible work of Arianne Phillips [Madonna's long-time stylist]. She knows what works on Her Madgesty. It all started during the promotion of Music, when Madonna wore my blouses. I was a boy and Arianne and Madonna have trusted me ever since. At the MTV Europe Music Awards in Stockholm [in 2000], Madonna wore an amazing Dolce & Gabbana red cowboy suit and I designed bling-bling, Swarovski accessories for her. I can't forget all the work I did by hand, putting hundreds of crystals and beads on while flying from Rome to New York. The hostesses were looking at me like I was ET."

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Yves Saint Laurent create Facebook inspired Eyeshadow!

We've had Apple Macbook Pro, the perfume, now meet the eyeshadow inspired by Facebook.

Big brands are increasingly turning to social media to canvas their friends and fans' opinions on their new product lines and upcoming launches, but French luxury fashion and beauty brand Yves Saint Laurent have taken the practice a step further and created an eyeshadow compact inspired by Facebook.

The four-colour palette called 'Devoted To Fans #1' feautes a Facebook-esque blue, black, white and grey, and will only be available to 'fans' of the Yves Saint Laurent Fragrances & Beauty Facebook page.

"This is a fitting tribute to a vibrant and passionate demonstration that Yves Saint Laurent is a modern and dynamic brand with consumers knowing the heart of its marketing strategy" said Damien Vincent, commercial director of Facebook France in a statement.

The colours are, to be honest, closer to their iconic YSL Rive Gauche fragrance packaging, but it's a neat piece of marketing and a nice way to reward their supporters with something special.
Only 1,650 of the palettes will be made available, and with 350,000 fans they are set to become highly sought-after, so make sure you show YSL the love before they go.
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Lana Del Rey is the new face of H&M

Singer Lana Del Rey has been unveiled as the star of high street store H&M's autumn/winter 2012 campaign.

Lana Del Rey in H&M's latest campaign

High street giant H&M have confirmed rumours that Lana Del Rey is the global face of their autumn/winter campaign.

"The mood is very L.A. noir," Donald Schneider, H&M's creative director, told WWD . "It's inspired by our fall collection." Del Rey - real name Elizabeth Grant - wears a pale pink angora jumper and matching micro shorts with her hair in its trademark beehive in the campaign, which was shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.

Rumours first surfaced at the end of last month when the New York Posts' Page Six reported a source as claiming Del Rey was in the process of shooting with the Swedish brand.
The star, who released her debut album in January this year, has been welcomed into the fashion industry with open arms, appearing on the cover of British Vogue 's March 2012 issue, having a Mulberry bag named after her and being signed up by model agency Next Models.
Del Rey has also recorded a cover of Blue Velvet for a short film that will be released on September 19 via Edits of them film will then form television commercials.

It's another coup for H&M who are already gearing up for forthcoming collaborations with Maison Martin Margiela and Anna Dello Russo , both of which are set to land in stores later this year.

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Lenny Kravitz, the next Ralph Lauren?

Musician Lenny Kravitz has announced that he is going global with his lifestyle and fashion brand.

Not content with conquering the music world with his inimitable style of psychedelic rock, and the silver screen with his bucket-full of attitude (yes, the gold eyeliner-sporting stylist in The Hunger Games was Lenny), Kravitz has caught the celebrity-turned-designer bug, and he's set his bar high.

The 48-year-old rocker diversified from his day job in 2003 when he founded Kravitz Design , a company specialising in innovative and dynamic design solutions for commercial and residential properties. Earlier this year, he dipped a toe into the world of fashion by collaborating with ethical footwear brand TOMS.

"The plan is to make it a lifestyle brand . . . my dream for this company. In the same way you would see Ralph Lauren or Giorgio Armani" he told CNN.
Furniture, bedding and clothing are high on the agenda, as well as an eco-resort on a farm he owns in Brazil next year.
Perhaps Kravitz will rope in his stylish actress daughter Zoe to consult on cuts and colours. Thanks to her kooky, pared-back style, the 23-year-old regularly graces best-dressed lists around the globe.
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Rihanna to design a collection for River Island

Pop star Rihanna has confirmed that she is designing a capsule collection for high street favourite River Island.

Rihanna in London wearing Stella McCartney in March this year. Photo: Rex

After much speculation, River Island has finally confirmed that Rihanna will be designing a collection for them, but we'll have to wait until spring 2013 to see the sartorial fruits of the pop star's labour.

"I've been wanting to design my own collection for some time. River Island is the perfect partner for me to collaborate with and working with a British, family run business also really appealed to me. I find London really inspiring and River Island loves to have fun with clothes. I'm looking forward to working with them and creating something really special," says Rihanna.

Rihanna wearing her River Island T-shirt. Photo: Rihanna/Instagram

The high street store is evidently delighted with its latest coup too: "We are thrilled to be collaborating with Rihanna and to be the first fashion brand to work with her in this way," said Ben Lewis, River Island's chief executive.

"Rihanna is a style icon; from street to chic she enjoys her fashion. As soon as we started to work together we knew this was a perfect fit. Rihanna will be designing the collection and we will be sharing our fashion experience with her to develop a range her fans will love."

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Kanye wants Kim Kardashian to call him!!

Forget marriage proposals and alleged plans to have children together. Just how serious are things between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian?

According to an Us Weekly source, the rapper "doesn't like to be tied down by technology" and did not own a cellphone... until his new girlfriend came along.
"It frustrated Kim. She had to call him through a bodyguard," the source said of Kanye living in the 1980s, adding that he finally caved, joined the 21st century and purchased a phone.

But "he only uses it for Kim," the mole claims.

And, we presume, to call the paparazzi and let them know where he and Kim will "dating" that day.

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Marks & Spencer need to be more stylish!

Lisa Armstrong: 'Marks & Spencer's clothes don't need to get more fashionable - or less fashionable. They just need to be more stylish.'

Poor Marks & Spencer. As if a seven per cent slump in womenswear sales weren't bad enough, it has to endure endless journalists telling it where it went wrong. Too much fashion, not enough editing, is one theory I've read this week. Not enough fashion, is another.

M&S clothes don't need to get more fashionable - or less fashionable. They just need to be more stylish. That starts with the cut. Because it comes to something when your 71-year-old mother says she finds M&S frumpy. And she's not looking for a pair of this summer's hot-pants or crop-tops. At least my 71-year-old mother isn't. She wants well-cut trousers and tops that flatter and fit, in good-quality fabrics. She's a trim size 12 - she's not asking for radical surgical enhancement. And she's not so naïve she expects M&S to compete on price with Primark. If she wants Primark, she'll go to Primark. But she doesn't want Primark.

Can it really be that hard? Remember when M&S's underwear was truly grizzly: cheap-looking lace and satins and ludicrously over-embellished pointy cup-shapes? After years of criticism and slipping sales, the lingerie team finally got its act together and combined its undeniably innovative fabric technology and scale of economy to deliver some excellent bra shapes.

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Dior Couture: The making of the million flower set

Come behind-the-scenes as the Dior team painstakingly build the elaborate floral set for Raf Simons' couture debut in Paris.

There were peonies, goldenrod, dahlias, carnations, delphiniums, orchids and all kinds of roses. Flowers splayed from floor to ceiling.

'The décor for the haute couture presentation this season was an event unto itself' Dior say on their website. And they're not wrong.

It's easy sometimes for the pampered fashion editors, socialites, and celebrities perched on their Napolean III seats at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week to take their surroundings for granted, but no one attending the Dior show last week could have failed to be awed by the intensely beautiful set.

Created from one million fresh flowers painstakingly cut and arranged to decorate the walls of the five private salons playing host to Raf Simons' debut, the set has rightfully earned a short film paying tribute to the effort involved in bringing it to life.

We wonder what happened to all those flowers after the 15-minute presentation drew to a close and the beautiful people filed out. Perhaps Dior had them packed and sent to front row guest Princess Charlene of Monaco's palace? She's probably not short on vases…

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Get tomorrow's 'vintage' today at Chanel couture

With elongated silhouettes, skirts cut "a hand above the knee" and slender dresses slashed open or cut low at the back, Karl Lagerfeld dubbed the look "New Vintage" in a nod to the fashionista appetite for collector Chanel.

Models walk the runway during the Chanel Haute-Couture show as part of Paris Fashion Week Fall / Winter 2012/13 at the Grand Palais on July 3, 2012 in Paris, France.

Bohemian belles in feathers and sparkling faux-tweed glided past the white wicker tables of an old world spa as Chanel put its own spin on the vintage craze at the Paris haute couture shows on Tuesday.

Chanel's designer Karl Lagerfeld took over a disused wing of Paris' Grand Palais exhibition hall -- his venue of choice -- with a decor of black-and-white sketched doors and a giant fresco meant to suggest a genteel thermal resort.

British style icon Alexa Chung and top model Laetitia Casta were among the famous faces at the early morning show, with the director Sofia Coppola and the actress Diane Kruger due at a second seating.

Bejewelled crochet snoods on their hair, Chanel's women stepped out in daysuits of glittering faux tweed -- virtuoso creations each some 3,000 hours in the making, crafted from wool, tulle and pearls.

With elongated silhouettes, skirts cut "a hand above the knee" and slender dresses slashed open or cut low at the back, Lagerfeld dubbed the look "New Vintage" in a nod to the fashionista appetite for collector Chanel.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

"My own suits from 30 years ago, you can buy them like vintage now," the German designer told reporters after the show, white hair in his trademark ponytail, black suit and shades, and clutching his iPhone in one hand.

"'New Vintage' is a proposition for something that could last -- at least I hope so," he said. "This is the same attitude, the same spirit, the same name, same concept -- but something for our time."

"Vintage -- but it's not vintage yet. You can have it before it's vintage!" quipped the spirited designer. "Plus, 'New Vintage' has a nice ring to it!"

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

So tomorrow's collector, Tuesday's show suggested, would pair his Chanel suits and gowns with glittery silver tights, metal-tipped heels, leather-like sheaths covering the wrist and cupping the hand by way of gloves.

For the day, Lagerfeld played with shades of grey lifted by touches of pink "but never 'shocking', I leave that to other houses".

Come cocktail time, his palette turned darker, introducing glossy blacks and flashes of mat silver, like on a metallic-looking gown with fuchsia pink highlights at the neck, waist and hem.

Wispy ostrich feathers adorned a sheer white blouse, tucked into wide-leg white pants, the feather embroidery repeated on a full length cape over a black-and-white dress.

The skill of Chanel's craft ateliers was on ample display in feather-light pastel evening gowns, embroidered with fluttering feathers, cupped flowers or in one case dozens of little rabbit-tail pom-poms.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

And for the finale, the bride -- as per the couture custom -- stepped out in a fully feathered gown, a pale pink bow at the back of its sweeping skirts, and a ruff of feathers softly framing her face.

So how long before the new collection can be stamped as vintage, with the prestige and premium that applies? Ten years?

"In fashion the future is six months," Lagerfeld mused.

He also let slip a few comments on the debut collection of Dior's new designer Raf Simons on Monday, which itself mined a retro seam inspired by the "architecture" of Christian Dior's iconic 1950s silhouettes.

While the look "could have done with incubating a little longer," Lagerfeld said Simons was, in his view, the best candidate for the top design job, where he succeeded the disgraced John Galliano.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

"There is simply no one else out there," he said. "So it's a good thing."

Catering to no more than 200 of the world's richest women, haute couture is a protected appellation in France, awarded based on strict criteria such as the amount of work carried out by hand and in-house.

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Rihanna's new TV show teaser

A sneak peek at Rihanna's new TV show, 'Styled To Rock', and her hunt for the next 'fashion sensation'.

Rihanna has a new teaser for her reality TV show, Styled To Rock , and she's on the hunt for the next "fashion sensation" - vague-speak for "designer", although there's a tweak on the ol' Project Runway format in that said sensation has to be a dab hand at styling as well.

"You are dope!" she tells one of the 12 hopefuls battling it out to dress a different star every week. "You're the bomb!" she says high-fiving another. The top prize is creating her outfit for Wireless - which, compared to PR's $100,000, spread in a glossy and fancy car, is pretty small time. Plus, we've already seen the winning outfit - a classic Rihanna flash-your-bum-and-tum hot-pants and crop-top number - as the festival was last week. The designer, though, is still being kept under wraps; their big moment, and they can't even bask in the glory - talk about being short-changed.

The singer won't be showing her face every week, so Henry Holland and Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud (with a special appearance by Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud's veneers) have been drafted in as co-hosts. Rihanna's stylist, Lysa Cooper, is also on hand as guru and as the Simon Cowell-ish ball-buster of the show choice quote: "They better bring their A-game"
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Kate Moss saves George Michael’s life

British supermodel Kate Moss makes a life-saving cameo in George Michael's latest music video.

In the words of Gabrielle, dreams can come true - especially if you're Kate Moss and that dream involves George Michael.

The singer took to his Twitter page to confirm rumours that Kate had filmed a cameo in the video for his new single, White Light , which is said to be all about his recent battle with pneumonia.
"Oh and by the way, in the video, a certain supermodel (Kate) saves my life. We shot two endings, one with the heimlich menouvre...and one where she gives me full on CPR. Mouth to mouth. Not really," he tweeted. "But honestly, she is my saviour, on film at least."

It's not the first music video Moss has appeared in - she pole-danced in the video for The White Stripes' 'I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself' in 2003 and also appeared in Primal Scream's Some Velvet Morning video.

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Men... Careful what Tight Jeans can do to you!!

The number of men suffering from painful testicular problems is on the rise - thanks to the current fashion for tight jeans, experts have claimed.

Medical experts, including Dr Hilary Jones, have reported an increase in injuries being caused by the jeans, which are favoured by celebs such as Russell Brand, Jude Law and Joey Essex.

The trendy denims are causing twisted testicles, bladder weakness and even urinary tract infections.
Low sperm count and fungal infections are also being put down to the tight-fitting jeans.

Yesterday Dr Jones, who is working with TENA on a project to highlight the dangers, said: ''I have seen several cases of men who have twisted their testicles due to wearing jeans that are far too tight.

''My advice would be to make sure you leave plenty of room around the groin area and that your pants and trousers feel comfortable so you're not being restricted in any way.

''Men who wear tight or ill-fitting trousers, or underwear which is restrictive around the groin area could be damaging their health.

''Wearing tight-fitting clothing over a prolonged period of time can lead to urinary tract infections leading to over-activity of the bladder - a type of bladder weakness as well as a low sperm count and fungal infections.
''Please don't put style before health.''

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Valentino sold to Qatar Royal Family for 3 Billion Dirhams

Following speculative reports that Valentino had been purchased by the Qatar royal family for 3 billion Dirhams, it has now been confirmed - although the price tag was in fact considerably higher.

Mayhoola for Investments, which is understood to be controlled by the Qatar royal family, reportedly paid $858 million (£556 million) to Red & Black Lux Sarl, a company indirectly controlled by the Permira Funds in partnership with the Marzotto family, to acquire the Valentino Fashion Group, which includes Valentino SpA as well as the M Missoni license business.

"Valentino has always been a brand of unique creativity and undisputed prestige. Their ability to blend the aesthetic values of the founder, Valentino Garavani, with a contemporary and sophisticated vision, has been instrumental in enhancing the brand's relevance and establishing a platform with significant future potential," said a spokesman for Mayhoola told WWD . "Our vision is to back management for the long term to exploit the full potential of this exciting brand. We believe Valentino is ideally suited to form the basis for a global luxury goods powerhouse."

Valentino's chief executive Stefano Sassi will remain at the helm of the company, as will current creative directors Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli.

Qatar is becoming an ever-prominent name in the fashion market, with company's looking to the oil-rich region for reliable and substantial investment. Qatar Holding LLC, which invests on behalf of the State of Qatar and is also linked to the Qatar royal family took control of Harrods in 2010. It also holds a 1.03 per cent stake in LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy), and a 5.2 per cent share in Tiffany & Co.

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Vera Wang and husband Announce Separation

Famed bridal wear designer, Vera Wang, has split from her husband of 23 years, Arthur Becker.

Wang, the world's best-known wedding dress designer, has so far declined to comment on the split but her company's president, Mario Grauso, issued the following statement to WWD : "Vera Wang and Arthur Becker have mutually and amicably agreed to separate. They remain devoted parents to their two daughters."

The couple married in 1989, and Becker, a former stock broker and CEO of technology company NaviSite, is said to have been instrumental in the building of Wang's fashion empire. They have two daughters together, Cecilia, 22, and Josephine, 19.

It is unknown how the split will affect Wang's business but an unidentified friend of the designer's has said the couple "will not let this impact the running of the company. They have worked too hard to build it up."

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FG10: A Daily Eating Plans to Lose Weight this Ramadan

FG10 has decided to make this month of Holy Ramadan a month where you can also improve your health by eating well while losing weight at the same time. We have decided to commit to you our beloved readers for over a period of one month to provide you with a healthy plan of:

- What you can eat
- Timing of meals
- What to avoid
- Desserts
- After Ramadan Tips

Ramadan is an excellent opportunity to shed some extra pounds. You are already resetting your metabolism by the protracted, long overnight fast, as well as the daily fasting. Your metabolism resets and your body begins to change the way it does things.

Weight loss during the first few days is just dehydration. It may be exciting to see that you lost 2-3 pounds in the first day or two, but that's all water loss and dehydration. No human can lose 2 pounds of fat overnight. It's just water. But it's still exciting!

So how can we maximize weight loss during Ramadan?

The most important factor is to avoid gorging or "binge eating" at night. We have found that gorging once a day is the fastest way to gain weight. Your body thinks it's in a state of famine, and will store everything you eat as fat, because it is worried about food supply. Further, eating once a day scares your body and your body starts to shut down and slow down your metabolism. You don't want to slow down your metabolism or you will gain weight.

Eating small meals through out the evening and morning (after sunset) is the best way to maintain an adequate metabolism level and avoid the highs and lows of blood sugar associated with eating one massive meal. After eating a large meal, our blood sugar level increases. In response to this, our pancreas secretes a ton of insulin to bring the levels back down. That extra sugar is stored as fat. That is very bad. We want to eat small, well proportioned meals and snacks throughout the evening to avoid the sudden rise in blood sugar. We want to maintain an even and balanced level of blood sugar. Certain foods raise blood sugar levels more than others, and we will discuss that thoroughly.

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Dolce & Gabbana Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection Revealed!

Lisa Armstrong: 'If you had to re-invent a definition of luxury, one of the most overused sells of modern times, then a double-sided cashmere-tweed with devastating curves over the hips is a good start.'

Photo: Telegraph

After 27 years, Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce have achieved a level of commercial and creative success with their ready-to-wear lines, perfumes, cosmetics, sunglasses, bags and shoes that means they can do what they want. And having been everywhere, seen it all and bought the yachts, what they want now is their own couture line, Alta Moda.

Not the modern version of a couture line, which is essentially another branding tool in which far more couture-show pictures are beamed around the world than outfits are actually ordered. This was not about following fashion's 21st-century business procedure - this was about the clients and the clothes (and maybe creating an old-fashioned mystique: the blogosphere had been a-throb with speculation about this show ever since news of it first emerged).

Photo: Telegraph

One by one, the duo's favourite tropes emerged: the idealised Sicilian black-widow silhouette, the embellished silk and velvet kitten heels, the voluptuous floral prints and appliquéd roses, the romantic full skirts and the slinky lace ones.
But the point, as Stefano Gabbana said, "was not to do new, new, new. It was to craft something beautiful, special and unique." What would happen if more than one client fell in love with the same pink lace dress? "First come, first served," he replied firmly.

Photo: Telegraph

Guaranteed exclusivity, a degree of secrecy and the time (and zen-like patience) to wait for these beautiful pieces to be made, are three further definitions of luxury. The irony is that in a saturated-celebrity-and-fast-fashion culture, Dolce & Gabbana's bid for slow-fashion, for artistry and for not having to think too hard about bottom lines or the endless churn of ready-to-wear shows, can only benefit their brand.
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Women paint their shoe soles Red to get Louboutin look for less!!

Sales of red gloss paint have 'rocketed' 40% at Homebase as women find the cheapest way to get the Louboutin look is to do it yourself.

Wannabe Victoria Beckhams are buying red tester paint pots and painting the soles of their shoes to recreate iconic Louboutin heels on a budget.

Sales of red gloss colours such as Duracoat's 'Flame' and 'Show Stopper' have soared by 40 per cent due to women copying the Louboutin shoes worn by their style icons.

Christian Louboutin famously came up with the idea of giving all his designs a distinctive red sole in 1992 after painting an assistant's nail polish onto the bottom of a pair of shoes, because he felt the shoes "lacked energy". A legend was born, and in no time, flashing a red sole became a badge of honour for the fashion pack and Hollywood stars alike.

Claire Stevenson, 24, a PA from Croydon, wanted her dream pair of Louboutins to wear to her cousin's wedding and confessed to using the DIY trick.

She said: "There was no way I could afford to buy a pair of Louboutin heels, but I had my heart set on them and felt the pressure to be fashionable at the occasion.
"I bought a £20 pair of plain black shoes and a tester pot and recreated the designer look at home. I carefully painted the soles, let them dry overnight, and by the next day they were ready to wear.

'I received so many compliments at the wedding about my gorgeous shoes but I didn't have the heart to confess they were DIY fakes. It was such a success I plan on doing the same for another pair of heels."
Sad, it is… If you cannot afford it, simply don’t buy it. You can always find your style or even come up with your own. Just don’t ruin legacies!

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Five WORST dressed Men of the Month

Now we really don't like to list the worst, but when you get this list down there, you really cannot help it!! I mean seriously!! But hey! That does not make us love you less ;)

Ian Somerhalder in Los Angeles

Loved you in Lost, Boone, but you're wearing a blouse.

Pete Wentz in Malibu, California

Where do you even get a sweatshirt like this? It looks like the realization of something designed in crayon by a toddler.

Will Smith in NYC

A few weeks removed from this, and it's still a hall-of-famer for least flattering ties ever. in London

Motorcycle jacket or DB blazer. Pick one.

Elton John in London

If you're going to model your style after a Batman villain, try to keep it in the Christopher Nolan era. This is some Batman Returns shit and it's not okay. Also, don't model your style after a Batman villain.
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Know your Man's Character from the Brand he Wears

Making sweeping generalizations about a man by the brand he wears is an admittedly inaccurate science. But it’s also unavoidable (not to mention fun). Stereotypes are often wrong, but it’s dangerous not to acknowledge their existence. To expose them, we indulged our most shallow knee-jerk reactions to big-name brands. Your label is talking about you to the rest of us, and here’s what it's saying!!

Abercrombie & Fitch

Hmmm... Well, you’re kind of a tool. Also, you’re in a fraternity. You think wearing your ball cap brim-forward constitutes formal wear. You have two varsity letters: one in water polo and one in half-naked-dude mud wrestling. There’s a funny story you like to tell involving Jagermeister and a security guard. Books don’t interest you much, but Tucker Max is the man. You’re not big on shirts. You’re planning big things with your major in interdisciplinary studies. By the way, you looked great in those USC rooftop sex photos.


You're the youngest child, and not as good at sports as your siblings. You didn’t get much attention at home. So now you dress rather like a dandy angling for an internship with the Joker. And the only thing more obnoxious than the price of your wardrobe is the reach of your vanity. Your occupation: high-society gala attendee. One day the inheritance may run out, but that day is not today. People often tell you you’d make a beautiful woman. You drink champagne on all occasions. You have never gone fishing. You are the reason the rest of us don’t understand the French. 


You may be a famous athlete, a weekend warrior or a middle manager with a serious golf obsession. Sure, you could pay less for better functionality, but then you couldn’t brand yourself with little swooshes. You vote Republican, but you tell people you’re independent. There’s one rule in your house: No talking during the NCAA basketball tournament. You take your gum chewing very seriously. In your refrigerator, you’ve got a sixer of Michelob ULTRA. Once, you got thrown out of your kid’s soccer game for heckling the referee. Look, a bad call is a bad call, whether the players are pros or preschoolers. And that’s precisely the kind of thing your ex-wife just didn’t understand.

Kenneth Cole

You live in the city -- or, rather, you wish you did, which is why you shop at Kenneth Cole. You’ve got a subscription to Details magazine and own at least one of the following: a punch card to Jamba Juice, a face moisturizer, a shirt with epaulettes. You didn’t plan to end up in advertising, but the art career wasn’t working out, and Pilates classes don’t pay for themselves. You know more about style than your friends, but less than you think you do. "Metrosexual": The term is overused, but you’re reason it exists. Nobody knows that those glasses aren’t really prescription.

Ed Hardy

Well, somebody has to be the biggest douche in the room. Congrats. Adorning yourself in gaudy, hideous crap is no big thing if you don’t pay rent. Works out OK for you, since you live at home. The rest of your payday (from your gig repping Monster energy drinks) goes to the gym membership, bronzer, chest waxes, and cover charges at the club. You’ve almost been cast on three different reality shows. With this schedule, it’s hard to get more than 10 hours of sleep at a time. You know the haters are just jealous. And if you had the slightest flickering of self-awareness, you would probably be immolated with shame.


If you had a pair of Timberland work boots for every day of actual labor you’ve done in your life, you’d have zero pairs of Timberland work boots. But tough is a mindset. So, apparently, is “gansta.” Yeah, you’re keeping it real. East Coast, dawg. And on the subway, in your puffy jacket, knees spread wide, you can claim a bench normally shared by three. Years from now, deaf as a board, you’ll regret all those hours spent blasting your ear-buds at concert levels. You own people on Madden, on X-Box Live (especially after you smoke a little). Your default emotional state: unimpressed.   

You are not one to be tossed around by the fickle winds of fashion, which is why you’ve been wearing the same brand of jeans since 1989. You are practical. You appreciate things that last. You know the value of a dollar. In other words, you’re cheap. Probably from the Midwest. You might own a truck. Also, a Sam’s Club membership card. And a Johnny Cash album. Joke is on everyone else, though, because Levi’s are cool again (not that you were paying attention). From fashion failure to trendsetter in one season. Your commitment to habit proves one thing: Eventually, everything old will be new again. 

So... Any ladies dumping their men around here?? Lol!!

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