Michael Cinco Takes on America's Next Top Model ALL STARS

A name that Echoes in the Fashion corners of Dubai.....
A name that is soo LOUD & VIBRANT with endless talent... 
that its been heard throughout the world only to reach the depth of the United States 
with an earthquake that has bounced back leaving us speechless.... 
with a FAbulous appearance in the Hit Show Top Model alongside  the gorgeous Tyra Banks
making that name a name to be REMEMBERED for LIFE!!

Born in the south of Samar, Philippines in 1971, the picturesque place that provided 
Michael Cinco with a lush setting where his imagination would run in wild abandon. 
As a child Michael was very fond of watching old Hollywood movies in black 
and white, and envisioned those fabulous heroines painted in his mind with a myriad of colours, 
dressing up the glamorous women with his imaginary creations in their severe chignons 
and deadly stilettos, conjuring up grand entrances. He grew up watching beautiful 
classy women as he went chasing that dream and finding it....

The Journey into the amazing creation of Michael Cinco 


Michael Cinco with the gorgeous Tyra Banks 

*images courtesy of Michael Cinco*

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