Madonna is behind Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera Style

The whole battle between Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera copying each other is total nonsense if anyones copying its the both them imitating Madonna... Throughout Madonna's career she has re-invented her image..
For instance most of their on stage costumes are very similar to Madonna's with the leotards and corsets.
As for videos Lady Gaga Bad Romance is like Madonna Vogue video (the bath scene).
Christina's Fighter video is similar to Madonna Frozen, and Christina new video (Not myself tonight) is basically the same as Madonna (Human Nature)...
Lady Gaga and Christina have used Madonna as inspiration, also before Lady Gaga came on the scene Christina shocked the public with her constant change of look and As for Lady Gaga her outfits continue to be the centre of attention her odd sense of style.
So to set people straight instead of criticising both singers styles on who takes who's style its really Madonna's they took

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