FG10 Books: A must read this summer "The Road Less Travelled"

Most of you have written to me asking me where i get my quotes, inspirations 
and power to move on and grow...
i give you three words...


There is so much we can learn from each other, movies, seminars and experiences..
but books gives you the chance to take it all in, in a one on one contact 
with what YOU as an individual or what i'd like to call a "STORY"
have to learn from..
To each their own and to each a hidden msg in which if your ready...
u'll manage to catch between the lines and u'll open urself to listen to your heart,
mind and soul to the answers u've always known but didnt pay attention to..

A perfect book is one you pick up at the perfect time in your life to read...
I hope this one finds your way and paves it to a bright future ahead 
with fewer question marks..


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