LADYFOZAZA & Coca-Cola in Today i will Campaign!

I've been extremely honored to have been chosen by Coca-Cola among some amazing inspirational people from around the Gulf  to be part of such an amazing Campaign
Called TODAY I WILL that represents the one thing i believe in the most... 
and its to always reach for your dreams no matter how high 
 make it happen!

Where there is a will there is always a way and i know u've all heard this before.. 
but that saying doesn't mean anything without true passion for LIFE, for YOURSELF and for your DREAM!! 

Anything is possible and i know some of you in certain situations might think not... 
but i can bet my life on it... that if you want it bad enough.. you'll get it.. 

Here is my story i was so glad to share with you all... 

So go buy the Can and watch this VIDEO for instructions 

Now its your turn to tell me all about yours.. 
Cause if i can make my dreams come true so can you..

You also have the chance to share your own story on a Coca-Cola can 
with millions in our region. Shoot it. Upload it. And the most voted 3 videos per week 
will be on the Coca-Cola can starting the 15th of Jan. Stay tuned for more.

and if you want to ask me anything at all..
Please feel free to do so by sending me an email on 

and i will be there! 

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