Dior presents: Anselm Reyle for Dior

When ART meets Fashion you get a Walking piece of ART! 
and while it isnt my style.
A Collection is made one so that one of them will be urs.. 
and ive found mine in the WILD collection of the Berlin -based artist Ansel Rele.

From the exhibition Christian Dior & Chinese Artists, held at the UCCA in Beijing in 2008, to the Inspiration Dior exhibition in 2011 at the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, which juxtaposed a dialogue between art and Haute Couture, the House of Dior is proud to announce a unique collaboration with Berlin-based artist Anselm Reyle.

Anselm Reyle immersed himself in the heart of Dior and was given carte blanche to create a collection of accessories. The artist played with colours, shaking up the codes of the mythical Avenue Montaigne Couture House, which offered all its savoir-faire to serve his imagination.

‘I loved working on the Lady Dior handbag. Most of my work builds on objects 
that already exist, which I then transform. I applied the same philosophy.’
Anselm Reyle

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