Take me jogging with Diesel Any day!!

Now if this isnt a LIGHT BULB moment, I dont know what is!!!

A new light in the denim universe: Jogg-jeans by Diesel.

Thomas Alva Edison found 2000 ways on how not to make a light bulb. 
Diesel found exactly one way on how to make Jogg-jeans. However, 
Diesel’s newest denim invention is probably as groundbreaking as Edison’s.
 The light bulb has changed human activity by illuminating the night;
 the Jogg-jeans are upgrading everyday conveniences 
by merging comfort and technology.

A new generation of clothing, a revolution led by the brand, 
which more than anyone else has based its successful living on creativity and innovation. 
The Jogg-jeans are an electrifying new hybrid product category at Diesel,
 which combines two staples of the casual wear: denim and sweat. 

The woven and knitted fabric has the look of a jersey weaving, 
giving the garment 360° elasticity. The circular weaving technique highlights 
the lightness, softness and comfort of the fabric combined with a perfect fit, 
while the indigo dying of the garment strengthens the idea of 
having an all-in-one product. But the real revelation is the final effect: 
the Jogg-jeans are an illumination for the senses.
This unseen combination of techniques translates into a denim illusion
 from the outside and a sweat look from the inside.

Jogg-jeans are available in three styles for women and in four styles, 
including one jacket, for the male collection. The waistband drawstrings, 
the side stitching, the coin pocket with the diesel flag as well as the materials 
used in the production make the Jogg-jeans substantially different.

Launching at Bread and Butter in January 2011, 
available in Diesel stores all over the world from SS’11, 
the Jogg-jeans are definitely a brave alternative to denim, 
complementary to the wide Diesel range of 5-pockets. 
They bring enlightenment to the world of casual wear, 
proving yet again the Diesel know how in the denim universe.

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