FG10 Charity CHOICE: Changing the world through ART

FG10 absolutely LOVES charities with SOUL!
this is exactly that and more.. 
in an attempt so beautiful as ART to express the need to direct ones attention
to what many of us look over ...

The INSIDE OUT Project is a global art project that transforms messages                                                                                       of personal identity into pieces of artistic work. It is a movement taking place all over the world using photographic portraits to discover, reveal and share their untold stories.
RISING SOULS, HAITI is an opportunity to show Haiti through Haitian eyes, 
through faces filled with hope, pride and resilience.It is an opportunity to show a new side of Haiti and create a true and meaningful interaction between Haitians, regardless of age, color and social status
The project is a collaboration between volunteers photographers based in Haiti and kids from the workshop, Fotokombit.Taking their cameras to the streets they are asking people to express themselves in a form of facial expression. The portraits will be printed as life-size posters and pasted on the walls of Port-au-Prince on January 12th 2012, the 2nd anniversary of the earthquake.
Haiti will wake up to the faces of it's people plastered across the city-                                                                                          a startling visualization of a country being reborn.

Slum of Kibera, Nairobi - KENYA - February 2008.


The life of these works of art will be determined only LOVE , time and weather.

We need your help...where ever you are..

Tatiana Etienne

Volunteers and information plz contact

Tatiana Etienne- tatianaetn@gmail.com

Public relations and information plz contact
Sandra Etienne- 2emeacte.com - setienne@2emeacte.com
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