FG10 LOVES Queen of Spades Abayas

Myself "LAdy Fozaza" in a Masterpiece collection from the Queen of Spades
 At the Gorgeous Event..

From start to finish it was a treatment fit for a Queen by a Queen.  
Picked up by the Amazing Cadillac team from my house to the event, lets just say
it was a first class treatment full of style and elegance!

on the  26th of September, 2011: A connoisseur, collector, and creator, Lamya Abedin took to her basic instincts of creativity for her latest designs – art & artists. The Masterpiece Collection by Queen of Spades showcased at the Samaya Ballroom of The Ritz-Carlton DIFC, fuses fashion with art forms from the earliest folk arts to works from the golden period of Renaissance and even popular art.

Sponsored by 
Cadillac, the Ritz Carlton, Galeries Lafayette, Anfasic Dokhoon,
Akillis, Ayyam Gallery

"The Masterpiece Collection by Lamya Abedin from Queen of Spades!

Myself and the Designer "Lamya Abedin"

About Lamya Abedin, Founder, Queen of Spades
An Emarati woman with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, life was more colourful than to pursue a 9 to 5 job. So Lamya Abedin’s ardent love for fashion, styling, makeup and interior decorating got the better of her. Having lived most of her life out of the UAE in various countries in the Gulf, Middle East, Europe and North Africa, Lamya decided to take a lesson in the diversity of  cultures and create something unique and novel in the fashion industry. So Abedin blended the cultures she experienced into her designs, to give her national dress a whole new fashion statement.

Her designs have seen reflections of unique forms of traditional wear like kimonos,  saris, even pantaloons.

Designing abayas started as a passion more than a business. It all started when she moved to Jeddah two years ago.  She got her inspiration from Saudi fabrics, designs, workmanship, and craftsmanship.  While searching for a special abaya for herself in Dubai, she wasn’t able to find that "One-of-a-Kind" piece and that led her to create her own line of abayas – all individual pieces of creativity and exclusivity. 
When many started to admire her unique ensembles she was encouraged to let her creativity take another step and build her brand – Queen of Spades. If you’re wearing Lamya’s creation you are most likely to be the only one in your city to own that piece. Therefore Lamya succeeded in making her women clientele feel so special like no other and give the abaya a creative exuberance she always wanted to.

“Art has always demanded my time, passion and curiosity. Be it the Louvre, Uffizi, or Guggenheim, I have spent hours on my travels browsing galleries and museums. My love and awe for art has now become the inspiration for my latest designs,” 
says Abedin, as she gets ready to showcase 75 pieces of abayas and dresses in her Masterpiece Collection. 

From styles of strokes to canvas textures, Abedin has taken inspiration from various aspects of artists and their artistry. The basket weave techniques, pleats, stripes, wide shoulders and V-necks were the impressions Abedin derived from Picasso’s cubism. While the look of Johannes Vermeer’s famous portrait Girl with a Pearl Earring has become Abedin’s muse for the look of the models showcasing the Masterpiece Collection. Guerlain contributed to the innocent looks of the girl captured in the 17th century portrait. Enamoured by the Vermeer painting, Abedin also created hair bands as accessories for the latest collection of abayas. These raw silk head gears are a first from the Queen of Spades label.

The cuts of the abayas, the choice of fabrics and textures used are once again an artistic exploration. In this collection Abedin experiments with crinkled linens, knits, tweeds, jacquard,  raw silks, crepes an unusual texture of different coloured salmon and fish skins and for the first time white camel wool. The textures were chosen to represent artists’ canvases. 

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