The Era of rock is on YOU with Diesel

Rock n’ roll matters, everyday, every ticking moment; it is what drives the soul!!
Not cause its Diesel but i've always been a little bit Rock n' Roll before a little bit of Runway!
it always adds Character and SPEAKS VOLUMES! 

Get this lo-fi realness with the studio mixer watch and jewelry collection inspired by audio 
and stereo equipment for the inner vinyl or tape deck lover in us all.

The watch collection is inspired by volume and gain meters that measure 
sound output into mixing boards, while all watches have a durable black canvas band
 with leather details inspired by electric guitar straps, fine vertical brushing 
and high polishing on stainless steel: these are the finishes,
 inspired by volume knobs from vintage stereo tuners.


 It will hit all Diesel stores 
this coming September-October 2011.

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  1. Τhe total look de votre montre enfant pas cher iѕ eхcellent, le plus intelligemment le contenu!