HOT MAMA: what to wear when your expecting the FG10 way...

FG10 has been getting a few emails asking us what they can wear when they are pregnant... 
i find it easier to dress up when ur pregnant then when ur not cause u have an excuse for a tummy 
so nooooo sit-ups needed.


We at FG10 are here to the RESCUE of all you HOT MAMA's 2b!

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL no matter how big u get!
Remember that and anything u put on will make u SHINE!
so stop fussing, ur suppose to get big!
have fun with it :)


* Empire waist dresses which flatters the bust and hides the tummy just enough
* Baby Doll dresses that show just enough
* JEANS: seven jeans for pregnant mums are amazing, they almost make u forget
* if u want to show off ur bump, by all means wear a long tight v neck t-shirt
but wear it with a funky jeans or leather jacket.
* wear what makes u comfortable but dont limit urself too much, your not handicapped your just pregnant.. have fun with it :) 

MY FAVORITE of all dresses, pregnant or not.
is the Emilio Pucci. Hides the bump and brings out all your best features.

A Derek Lam number.

Have some fun with some loose jump suits when going to the mall
and if u wana hide ur arms put on a jeans jacket and ur good to go

Straight cut dresses can also do the the trick.. 
Here is a dress from Adam
ur movement will camouflage and show off the right sides..
make sure u dont go too big with the size or u might end up looking like a tent!
we dont want that do we?

A GORGEOUS number from Valentino.
ofcourse black helps hide... but u cant hide for too long
so make sure ur neckline takes away from ur bump if u wana hide it
in this case its a gorgeous lace effect.

Reem Acra gives us COLOR! 

Here are some Celebs having fun with their bump!

you can wear a long or short tight black dress and team it up with
 one of nicole's FAB Kimonos from Winter kate

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