The first Arab female & UAE National to tackle the North Pole!!


In April 2010, Elham Al-Qasimi will attempt an unassisted and unsupported expedition to the Geographic North Pole.

During a three-week journey, Elham will ski cross-country to the North Pole starting at 89 degrees latitude. As a result, she will be the first Arab woman to set foot on the North Pole and the first UAE national to undertake an unassisted unsupported expedition to the North Pole.

Elham’s trek will see her cross the final degree of latitude largely by cross-country ski -currently the preferred method of unsupported travel across the Arctic Ocean. ‘Unsupported’ expeditions use natural human means of propulsion, i.e. legs and arms whilst ‘supported’ expeditions use non-human means such as motorised equipment. Elham’s mission will also be unassisted. In polar exploration, unassisted usually means embarking on an expedition without any re-supplies, air drops or any other assistance. Therefore, all supplies for the last estimated100 nautical miles to the North Pole will be carried either on a sled led by herself or on dogsleds. Elham’s trek will be directed by experienced guides from one of the world’s leading expedition companies, Polar Explorers. She aims to undertake the expedition with optimism, ambition, humility, discipline and responsible action.

Elham wants to set an example for all women, present a positive attitude and breathe a fresh air of positivity into all the negativity swirling around at the moment. Elham, in her own words, “I want to showcase this trek as an example of drive and ambition that inspires women to aim higher and reach further. I strongly feel that this accomplishment is one for the entire nation of the UAE rather than just a personal accomplishment. It will illustrate the drive, discipline, and ambition of all young UAE nationals and symbolize traits which are transferable across all goals (educational, professional, and physical).”

Corporate sponsors that have already agreed to be part of this historic mission are:
Emirates Airlines, Emirates National Bank of Dubai, and Red Bull. A charity of choice will also be part of the expedition and fulfil Elham’s desire to have a non-profit organization on board that benefits from the publicity and media spotlight.

Elham is in the midst of a disciplined and structured fitness and training routine under the watchful eyes of strength and endurance experts with all signs pointing towards a successful undertaking of the mission.

Elham intends to embark on her journey from Dubai in mid-April and she will keep everyone updated on her epic trip throughpostings on Twitter, Facebook and a personal blog/website.
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