LAdy Gaga of Fashion

LAdy Gaga... what can i say!! here is one that can have some serious FUN with fashion and isnt afraid to show it ... She is definitely one to watch ... cause i have a feeling a TREND is about to be born and 2010 isnt going to be a shy year in fashion! so lets not play it safe! let ur clothes do the talking... Dare u take the risk?

Ok, so most celebrities we know have managed to take something so insignificant and turn it into a fashion must have!!... HOW? ... well by just wearing it.. BUT here is one who i think we can all "surprisingly enough" learn a few things about pushing the envelope in fashion!!

I'm not asking you to all start looking like her .. im asking you to admire what we dont have the guts to do and start taking fashion to a whole new level.. 2010 isnt about playing it safe!! its about letting ur soul speak out!! loud and clear ;) let ur clothes do the talking!
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