FG10 LOVES Micallef perfumes!

From the exquisite bottles Designed and structured by Martine Micallef
Wife of Geoffrey Nejman who is the NOSE of the brand. 
I say its a pretty powerful Duo and my Visit to Dubai Mall, Paris Gallerie
was an incredible journey of scent and ART! 

The story of Micallef began in one of the most beautiful regions of France, on the Côte d’Azur, 
the most extravagant and, at the same time, most passionate places for perfumes in the world.

Martine Micallef and her husband Geoffrey Newman, who first discovered their passion for each other and, 
not long afterwards, for the finest essences and handmade flacons, 
guarantee the highest quality in traditional perfumery with their exceptional creations. 
Their now varied and fascinating fragrance collections contain the most precious natural components 
to be found on all continents, and their singular reputation is running ahead of them.

Micallef not only supplies to international top-class perfumeries and their own boutiques, 
but also to royal and luxury hotels. Martine and Geoffrey have made it their greatest task 
to maintain the exclusiveness of their creations which is precisely what makes them so distinctive. 
Fragrance experts all agree that Micallef’s quality and creativity can scarcely be rivaled.

In only 15 years Micallef has 
over 500 retails stores and 
is available in over 35 countries worldwide. 

The Gorgeous Kattan Sisters!!
Huda Kattan from Huda Beauty wearing a Lady Fozaza "Kraze" Blazer
And Mona Kattan wearing a LAdy Fozaza "FROST" blazer from the Resort collection
out 1st week of November!
Stuunnnnning LAdies!

Huda's wrist candy left me speechless!
Got love those bracelets!

Myself with the Kattan sisters, we are all in LAdy Fozaza 
and i promise you it wasnt planned lol 
posing with the NOSE behind Micallef Perfumes
Mr. Geoffrey Nejman 

One of the Founders of Micallef Perfumes
and the NOSE behind it Mr. Geoffrey Nejman

Cant go wrong with a little JAzz in the background!

My Fozaza Bottle being crafted by the FAbulous Martine Micallef!
hmmm i can see a fragrance being born soon! :)
wishful thinking...

Myself and Martine Micallef!

LOOOOOOVE my Bottle and the fragrance is called 
Mon Parfum by Martine Micallef!
what she wears all the time... 
turns out we have the same taste.. 
if your into Tom Ford "Black Orchid" or Narciso Rodriguez
THIS scent is FOR YOU!

A walking Table with Micallef perfumes!
i have to say as innovative and fun as it is!
it kinda FREAKED me out a bit!
no more horror movies for me i guess... 

Join their Fan page on Facebook HERE!
or follow them on Twitter HERE!


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Paris Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Week- Roland Mouret

Roland Mouret shined some colours on us for next spring/summer 2012. Mouret kept his traditional knee length skirts and dresses but spiced it up with some eye catching patterns. Like most designs we've seen so far, inspiration from the 1940s keeps creeping up on us, this collection especially.

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Paris Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Week- Balenciaga

A front row that breaks benches thats how badly people want to get into Futuristic Balenciaga show or was the benches just faulty. Either way Balenciaga has editors, PRs, journalists and A-list celebrities demanding a view of the collection. They had reason to be pushy the designs were fabulous, there goes my colour for next season orange. Boyfriend jackets and 90s shoulderpad blazer are looking to be a hit. We saw hotpants in Balmain we see hotpants in Balenciaga we shall see hotpants on us next season...

How they stood front row

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MSN Exclusive: Lady Gaga at Thierry Mugler Paris fashion show 28.09.2011...

Gaga goes Thierry Mugler again at Paris Fashion week
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Spring/Summer 2012 All Ends In Paris Fashion Week

Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion week ends in the fashion capital Paris. Now what collection do we have here, rock chic Balmain. Since Christophe Decarnin disappeared for 'health' issues Olivier Rousteing has taken over. What do we think of this collection, honestly it was missing that grunge/rock look. It needed some cut jeans somewhere, the collection was too pretty. I did love the jackets that was cutting edge. However it truly was missing Decarnin and his way of transforming a military jacket to a must have of the season.

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FG10 takes the K-Lynn pledge! Have you?!?!

I'm sucker for Fashion with a CAUSE! 
especially when its something SO CLOSE to the heart! 
I urge you all to take the Pledge with K-lynn or at least not take your health for granted!
A simple checkup goes a long way!!!
Besides you cant tell me whats below doesn't look like FUN!
and isn't a FABULOUS CAUSE!?

wana know How to 
“Take the k-lynn Pledge” ???

1. Starting October 1st, 
visit the K-Lynn lingerie store at Mall of the Emirates

2. Have your picture taken or sign a K-Lynn postcard 
for the “K-Lynn Pledge Wall” – 
which will create the window display in K-Lynn 
for the entire month of October.
3.Take your K-Lynn Pledge bag, which includes:

a. A voucher for a breast check including 
mammogram and sonogram (if required) 
at the Dubai London Specialty Hospital

b. A “Pledge ribbon” showing your support for having 
‘Taken the K-Lynn Pledge.

c. A “Pledge Card” - on the reverse of which are details of 
how to promote the pledge virally and play a real part 
in this community initiative – i.e. tagging on
Facebook, changing Facebook status, 
changing BBM status, Tweeting about the K-Lynn Pledge.

THE FG10 girls in Full support!!



Check them out of FACEBOOK for more details

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